Why Sustainability for Chartered Accountants should be a priority

Sustainability. Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is a pressing issue in current times, one that almost every company and business aims to address, owing to the various benefits to the company that come along with it.

Having expertise in accounting, finance, and business strategy,Chartered Accountants can greatly help businesses adopt sustainable practices within the organisation and to reduce their overall environmental and social impact. Lets take a deeper dive into the blog to understand why Sustainability should be a Top Priority for Chartered Accountants.

Business sustainability: Good for the planet, good for the business

So what is Business Sustainability

The ability to function in a much more economically, environmentally and socially responsible manner is called Business Sustainability. CAs being the trusted financial advisors for companies, hold a greater power to advise and help companies adopt sustainable practices within the business. 

Business Sustainability for Chartered Accountants

Sustainability in Business has a number of benefits for the company, like, reduced costs due to money saved on operating costs, enhanced reputation of the company by being associated with the ‘Green Movement’, increased chances of investors and clients choosing the company, to invest or be a part of, access to new markets and opportunities on a global scale, reduced risk and greater job satisfaction for the employees within the company. 

Thus, by promoting sustainability in businesses, Chartered Accountants can make a significant contribution to the creation of a more sustainable future for the company as well as for everyone. 

Steps that CA Firms can incorporate for Business Sustainability

Develop a Sustainability Strategy

The first step is formulating a Sustainability Strategy for the company as it further sheds light on the sustainable framework for the company. It involves identifying the sustainability goals of the company, developing plans to achieve these goals and setting targets/metrics to track progress. 

Incorporate sustainability into company’s business strategy

The company should integrate sustainability into all aspects of its business, from management to operations. 

The overall business strategy must align with sustainability strategies, and the company should review and update them regularly.

Evaluate the Environmental and Social Impact of Company

Environmental and Social Impact of Company

In order to set realistic targets for reducing the company’s environmental and social impact, it is important to first understand the company’s current impact. This can be done by conducting an environmental and social impact assessment.

The environmental impact assessment should identify the company’s greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, waste production, and other environmental impacts.

The social impact assessment should identify the company’s impact on employees, communities, and human rights.

Set targets

Set ambitious but achievable goals for the company. Once the company’s environmental and social impact has been assessed targets and metrics can be set.

Implement sustainable practices within the company

The company can begin to implement sustainable practices throughout its operations once targets have been set.This could involve measures such as:

  • Reducing energy consumption by installing energy-efficient equipment and appliances
  • Minimising waste production by recycling and composting
  • Using sustainable materials and resources
  • Reducing the company’s impact on water resources
  • Supporting sustainable suppliers

Report on the company’s sustainability performance

Publish a sustainability report on a regular basis or integrate sustainability information into the company’s annual report.

The sustainability report should provide key information on the company’s environmental and social impact. It should include information like company’s progress towards its sustainability goals, and its plans for the near future.

Keep Stakeholders in the loop

Meeting with employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to discuss the company’s sustainability goals and progress should be a regular practice within the company.What this does is, it helps build support for the company’s sustainability efforts and  also to identify new opportunities for improvement.

Provide training and awareness for sustainability for Chartered Accountants

Provide training and awareness

It is important to ensure that all employees are aware of the company’s sustainability goals and how they can personally contribute in achieving them. 

The company can provide routine training and awareness-raising on issues to its employees through workshops, seminars, and other educational programs and mediums.

The company could reward employees for reducing energy consumption, recycling, and other sustainable practices. Offering incentives can encourage employees to change their behaviour and to contribute to the company’s sustainability efforts.

Incentives for the win

Support sustainable suppliers and Invest in sustainable technologies and infrastructure

The company can support sustainable suppliers by choosing suppliers that have good environmental and social practices.Investing in sustainable technologies and infrastructure can help the company to reduce its costs and to improve its environmental performance.


Incorporating sustainability into your business is not just a trend, but a wise and responsible choice. Sustainability for Chartered Accountants, should thus be given a top priority. CAs can help businesses get benefits by developing strategies, evaluating impacts, and setting targets.

Moreover, involving employees, keeping stakeholders informed, and providing training and incentives can make green living a shared goal for a company. Supporting sustainable suppliers and investing in eco-friendly technologies can reduce costs and also contribute to a greener, more prosperous world. 

Sustainability. Not just a trending buzzword; it’s a path to success that benefits us all. 

So, let’s make it a part of every CA’s agenda and together, create a better future for everyone. Just like PaperLiteCA aims to create a streamlined future for Chartered Accountants, so they succeed.

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