Public Speaking Skills for Chartered Accountants: Why and How

In the words of Popular Youtuber, CA Anshul Agrawal, “Chartered Accountants are always regarded as Ocean Of knowledge but whenever Presentation and Public speaking skills are discussed, they are mostly in the back seat.” 

CAs used to have a more of a ‘behind the scenes’ work profile, with them handling and dealing the money matters, away from the spotlight. But now, it is required of them to adopt a more dynamic role which involves them interacting with the public, communicating and basically being more ‘visible’. 

This blog post will explore the importance of public speaking for chartered accountants and provide tips on how to develop these skills.

Why Public Speaking Skills are a must for Chartered Accountants

Against the general notion of CAs being just ‘Number Crunchers’, in the present day and age, a Chartered Accountant should be able to deliver complex financial information , be it to their clients, investors or even colleagues. 

Three reasons why Public Speaking Skills are a must for Chartered Accountants are, a CA has content (the reports prepared), a connection (who to report), and credibility (who the CA is).

CAs with strong public speaking skills can make complex ideas easier for clients to understand. This can lead to better client relationships and increased business opportunities.

CAs who are good at public speaking are more likely to win new clients.

When attending job interviews, CAs with strong public speaking skills are more likely to be seen as confident and capable candidates. This can lead to better job offers and higher salaries.

When introducing reports in meetings, CAs with strong public speaking skills are better able to communicate their findings and recommendations to colleagues and managers. This can lead to better decision-making in the organisation. 

CA practicing, public speaking skills

When giving speeches at industry conferences, CAs with strong public speaking skills can help to raise the profile of their firm and establish themselves as thought leaders in their field.

A CA should possess basic knowledge and skills to speak confidently in front of people, and basically put their point across. Good public speaking skills also give professional credibility to a CA, enhance their leadership potential and help in advancing their career path as well.

Practical Tips to improve your Public Speaking Skills

Here are some practical tips for CAs to improve their public speaking skills:

Know your Audience

First know who your audience is, so you can tailor your content to the audience. This helps in better understanding, thereby ensuring better communication with your audience.

Prepare in Advance

Even with public speaking skills, you need to know your topic to connect with your audience. Prepare ahead of time so your content is clear and relatable. Also, prepare an outline, which guides you on how to navigate the conversation. 

Tone,Pitch, Voice

Whenever you’re talking, try to maintain your normal speaking voice. Keep a moderate tone and pitch, so the conversation flows naturally, instead of sounding mechanical and artificial. Also avoid whispering while communicating, as it gives off underconfident, intimidated vibes. 

Start with a Bang

Start with a bold statement ,or strong opening remarks that can instantly capture your audience’s attention. You can also start with an ice-breaker to loosen up the audience, to better involve them in the conversation. A confident start to your presentation conveys expertise over the topic, reassuring your audience that they are in good hands.

Be professional, but with your personality

The audience is likely to better connect with your content if it has a bit of your personality. Do not shy away from adding a bit of a ‘human’ touch to your presentation. 

Graphics and Supporting Material

Public Speaking , Chartered Accountant

‘Show, don’t tell.’ Meaning, take the help of vivid language and imagery to create a clear and engaging experience for your audience. Take the help of graphics and visuals such as charts, graphs, images, and videos to illustrate your points. Supporting materials like Examples, Statistics, Testimony, Analogies and Humor add a new dimension to your presentation

Don’t stop, carry on

Even the best of public speakers can stutter, fumble words, pause, be breathless or use filler words at times. But the trick is to not stop, and continue on. Again gives your content a ‘human’ feel. Mistakes are human, not letting it affect your flow is what matters.

Tools and Mediums for CAs to Improve Public Speaking

Voice recording: Hearing your own voice, can greatly help in bettering the presentation, since it gives you an idea on how to modulate your voice, pitch, tone, how and where you should consider pausing, and basically helps in improving your overall stage presence.

Practicing Public Speaking in front of Mirror

Mirror: Practising your presentation in front of a mirror can help you to identify and improve your eye contact, facial expressions, and body language.

Audience: Practising your presentation in front of an audience, even if it is just a small group of close friends or family members, can help you to get used to speaking in front of others and to build your confidence. Another pro tip of public speaking is never looking the audience in the eye, as it may make you nervous, but rather look at the centre of their forehead, which gives the impression that you are looking at them, without actually looking at them. 

Toastmasters International: Toastmasters International is a non-profit organisation that helps people to improve their public speaking and leadership skills. 

Online courses: There are dozens of online courses available that can teach you the basics of public speaking . Here are some mediums you can use:

  • Public Speaking for Professionals by LinkedIn Learning
  • Public Speaking for CAs by Udemy
  • Coursera
  • edX 
  • YouTube


In the evolving world of Chartered Accountants, learning how to speak effectively is crucial. It’s not just about numbers anymore; it’s about explaining financial information clearly, impressing clients, and boosting your career. To get better at speaking in public, understand your audience, prepare ahead, speak with confidence, and start your talk strongly. Adding your personality makes it more relatable. Pictures and extra materials help you explain things better, and don’t let small mistakes stop you. Tools like recording your voice and practising in front of a mirror or friendly faces can help you. Online courses are also out there to teach you. 

So, start the journey of becoming a great speaker, with these tips and grow your Chartered Accountancy career even more. 

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